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General information

What is Owums and what can I do with it?

Owums is the users' registration platform. With Owums you can register your personal account to use the service and monitor your daily usage stats.
After registering yourself, you will be able to look and edit your personal data.
If you already have an account, go to 'Manage your account' from the main menu to login with your credentials or look below to get more info.

Account Verification through Credit Card

If you do not already have an account and you do not own an italian SIM, you can perform the registration procedure with the use of a Credit Card. The use of the credit card will be through a secure connection. The credit card number will not be stored in the registration system but only in the database of the Bank for the management of the service. The operation of registration through Credit Card is subject to a handling fee one-off amounting to €0.50, attributable to the bank in charge of the confirmation of validity, which will be deducted from the same institution at the time of registration.

Free ItaliaWiFi

Free ItaliaWiFi is a project of Province of Rome, Autonomous Region of Sardinia and City of Venice, for the promotion of public and free WiFi throughout the national territory.

Thanks to an integrated identification system, existing users of a network adhering to Free ItaliaWiFi will have access to the federated networks of other public administrations using their own credentials, without having to go through a new registration procedure (

Manage your account

After signing up

After signing up, by going to 'Manage your account' from the main menu and filling up the form with your user name (i.e. your mobile phone number) and your password, you'll be granted access to your private section with usage stats and personal data.
In case you wanted to disable your account (i.e. to be sure no one uses it while you are out of town), you can disable it in the 'Edit' section of your personal section (after logging in). You can later re-enable your account by repeating the data verification procedure.

Sign up

What do I need to do to signup?

If you don't have an account, you can follow the signup procedure by going to 'Sign up' from the main menu.
Signing up requires two steps:

  1. Insert personal data
  2. Verify personal data

In the first step you are required to fill in your personal data, following the given instructions on 'Sign up'. Signing up requires an Italian mobile phone number. In case you don't have one the Help Desk will signup for you if you can provide valid ID.
After filling up the forms with your info, to use the service it's required that the data is verified. Most of the times the verification step is made by calling (no charge applied) with your mobile phone (the one used in the signup form). The verification procedure only works if the telephone number of the caller is not hidden and the mobile phone number is an Italian number.
In case the previous conditions are not met, you will not be able to use the service. After the verifications step is complete, you will be taken to your personal, private page. To use the service, it'll be enough to open a new page (i.e. to begin browsing.

Reset password

Forgot your password?

In case you forgot your password, you can go to 'Reset password' from the main menu to recover it. The password can be recovered either via e-mail or via telephone call (only if you signed up with an Italian mobile phone number).
While recovering your password you will also be told your username. Once the password has been reset, you will be able to login with your new credentials.

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